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Our Ministries

Audio Visual Ministry

The Media Ministry Team oversees the audio and video media. It is charged with making recommendations for equipment repair and replacement. The ministry is responsible for audio and video recordings of services and events and distribution of such to members, visitors, and those members who cannot attend services at the church.

Deacon Ministry


Deacon Ministry

The Deacon Ministry Team serves the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the church—doing the benevolence work, visiting the sick, overseeing church family units, and being alert to the spiritual needs of the congregation.



Deaconess Ministry

The Deaconess Ministry Team assists the Pastoral Leadership and Deacon Ministry Team in meeting the spiritual needs of the church and providing care to members.

Cedars Ministry

The Cedars Ministry focuses on the spiritual and physical needs of our senior adults (ages 55 and above). Its goal is to provide resources and educational information to senior adults to enhance their health, gain understanding of their benefits, and improve their overall quality of life.

Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry Team goal is to equip and prayerfully support each child so that he or she might realize Christ’s perfect plan for his or her life.


Church School Staff


Church School Ministry

The Church School Ministry Team offers a diverse curriculum that equips our members with practical knowledge to guide and direct their daily living. The Word of God is the central text for each class and context accompanied by contemporary resources to help our members learn and grow stronger in the Lord.

Communications Ministry

The Communications Ministry Team assists the church in coordination of all internal and external communications. It works with all ministries to help clarify the communication objectives, identify the audiences and develop clear and conscience messages through the appropriate channels. It is responsible for all publicity.



Couples Ministry

The Couples Ministry is to enrich marriages by providing support and encouragement to improve relationships using God’s Word to create happy and healthy marriages. It seeks to enhance and strengthen communication by empowering couples to enjoy each other and build a Christ –centered marriage.

Education Ministry

The Education Ministry Team seeks to develop opportunities, using every available facet, to interactively teach adults, youth and children the Word of God and to equip and empower believers to grow into spiritually mature Christians.



Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry Team oversees the financial affairs of the church in an orderly, business-like way, acceptable to current business practices, so members may be good stewards of the sacrificial gifts of the church.

Flower Ministry

The Flower ministry is responsible for the beautification of the church and church events. It decorates the church for all seasons and the Fellowship Hall funerals, church events and special programs.

Health Care Ministry

The Health Care Ministry Team provides a comprehensive holistic health care ministry for our church and surrounding community.



Kitchen Ministry

The Kitchen Ministry Team is composed of several teams of committed individuals who have been called to use their gifts to serve others. Their work includes fellowship meals, repast meals after funerals, as well as routine maintenance of the kitchen.



Membership Ministry

The Membership Ministry Team welcomes and encourages new members and provides information about the church and church membership, and keeps an updated roster of all church members.



Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry Team seeks to meet the spiritual needs of the men in the church, community, workplace and home, through prayer and fellowship; to help men realize their spiritual gifts through consistent programs of Bible study. It challenges men to understand the need for being great male role models and witnesses for Christ.

Mission Ministry

The Missions Ministry Team (Mary Morgan Circle) is to involve the church in mission projects, activities and efforts locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry Team strives to lead members of the church to worship and serve God with excellence in song and to elevate the worship to a total praise environment that encourages, ministers to the save and helps lead the unsaved to Christ.



Scholarship Ministry

The Scholarship Ministry is responsible for providing scholarship information and finances to the students of Mosby. This ministry also equips students with school supplies and workshops to enhance student skills and educational growth.



Singles Ministry

The Singles Ministry provides a spiritual support to the single members of the church. It helps equips and empower wholeness as an individual/ single in the body of Christ.

Safety & Security Ministry

The Safety and Security Ministry Team is responsible for implementing a successful risk management plan for the church. This plan protects the church’s members, resources and provides a plan if disaster occurs.

Social Concerns Ministry

The Social Concerns Ministry Team is to keep the church aware of peace and justice issues by monitoring and participating in civic and social organizations and activities in the community.



Technology Ministry

The Technology Ministry Team assists the church in maintaining the computer systems, including computer access, network, printers, telephone communications and related equipment. It works with the Communications Ministry Team to support the email accounts to ensure consistent quality of service.

Trustee Ministry


Trustee Ministry

The Trustees Ministry Team supervises and maintains all property (liquid and fixed) belonging to the church so that the ministries of the church can be effective.

Ushers Ministry

The Ushers Ministry Team is a crucial part of worship. Ushers warmly greet members and visitors and see that they are seated comfortable.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry Team offers opportunities for women to grow spiritually, serve faithfully and strengthen their love of Christ, the church and one another. The ministry allows women to bond in sisterhood through activities that enrich their lives.

Young Adults Ministry

The Young Adults Ministry Team encourages, fosters and channels the youth (ages 18-30) and young adults in the areas of academic excellence, higher education and career exploration and development. Its goal is to mentor young adults and provide biblical solutions to real issues and world experiences.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry Team is to build young disciples for Christ by developing and implementing a comprehensive ministry to and with youth.

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