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Call To Action From Pastor Davis

Although we are facing these challenges, I do believe they present opportunities for us to exercise our faith in ways that will continue to grow and stretch us.  As the Governor has declared a state of emergency in Virginia, our local public schools will be shutting their doors for the next two weeks. I have spoken with Mrs. Joy Reed, the Principal of Ratcliffe Elementary School and have expressed Mosby’s continued support to her and the entire school.  The challenge for these families that have qualified for free and reduced lunch are presented with the very real issue of how they feed their children during this time.

I say, were there’s a challenge, there’s a #MosbyStrong team waiting to rise to the occasion.  These families will need non-perishable food items to help see them through this crisis.  In lieu of worship service and Wednesday Bible Study, I want to encourage us to do and be CHURCH on PURPOSE.  I welcome members to gather a few non-perishable food items to drive by and drop off in the parking lot of Mosby Memorial Baptist where someone will be ready to receive your items.

These non-perishable items will be received Sunday between the hours of 11:30a – 1:30p and Thursday from Noon to 2:00pm.  There will be no need for you to exit your car, a #MosbyStrong team member will be there to receive your items.  The following is a list of items needed:

  1. Cans of fruit
  2. Cans of vegetables
  3. Cans of pasta: ravioli or spaghetti O’s
  4. Milk and Juice boxes
  5. Boxes/Bowls of cereal

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