Commited to Loving, Listening & Learning while Launching Toward Our Future!

2015 Lenten Reflections

Dearest Mosby Family,

Oh, didn’t our hearts burn last Sunday during our worship experience! I am very excited for the many possibilities that are before us. I do hope you are excited for these opportunities as well. As we build upon Mosby’s great legacy, let us be mindful that our members and surrounding community are looking to us to set the tone for relevant, dynamic and purpose filled ministry. Our future is limitless.

At this moment in the Christian calendar, we are situated in the midst of Lenten season. It is during this time that we engage in deep reflection on Christ’s suffering and death, culminating on Resurrection Sunday. Lenten season is a time to empty one’s self of the world through prayer, fasting and reflection in order to be filled with the illuminating presence of God. The success of our ministry requires our personal and collective sacrifice just as Christ modeled for us here on earth. Mosby, let us participate in loving partnerships by being led by God to listen, love, learn and lean on one another.

May God continue to richly bless you and your family as we strive towards putting First Things First. Remember, We Are #MOSBYSTRONG!

Keep the fire burning,

Rev. Dr. P. L. Davis



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