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2015 Black History Month Reflections

From 2/8/15

Beloved Mosby Family,

I pray that all of you have had a peaceful, productive and power filled week. As we celebrate Black History Month, we want to remember those that have paved the way for us to be where we are today. I distinctly remember my mother’s encouraging mantra to me, “Tenacity boy, tenacity…don’t you ever give up or give in.” Just as every person did as a child, I had dreams and no matter what those dreams were, my mother and father always encouraged me along the way. In this past Thursday’s Richmond Times Dispatch, a special publication ran honoring the achievements of brilliant African Americans born in Virginia and highlighted their dreams for a better world. Among them were Booker T.

Washington, Educator, Oliver W. Hill, Attorney and Elizabeth Keckley, Entrepreneur.

As I read and explore our history, the steadfast determination that our fore fathers and mothers had continues to amaze me. The obstacles they had to overcome and the tireless fight they had within them to ensure a brighter future for us should always be remembered and never forgotten.

Just as they had dreams, we must continue to carry out the dreams that have been given to us. The next generations of young people are amongst us now and need every bit of support that we can offer. Although, we cannot predict their future, we certainly can set the tone and encourage them along the way.

Lift up, Listen to, Love on and Learn from the children in our midst.
Speak life, continue to Lean on the everlasting arms of our Creator, and watch what God will do. Remember, We Are #MOSBYSTRONG!

Rev. Dr. P. L. Davis

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